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If you have a web site or page that corresponds to a record that you submit, or which corresponds appropriately to you and your research, you may provide the relevant URL when posting your entry.

Should you do this, the system will check the validity of the URL that you provide, and will check that it corresponds to a registered domain. Non-existent URLs will cause rejection of the record, notification of which you will receive when you attempt to post the entry. This allows you to delete or correct the URL (in the event of a typographical error) before you attempt to re-submit the record.

Please note that we perform regular checks of all URLs in the database in order to guard against 'link rot', where a given URL becomes unavailable over time, yet remains in the database. Should your URL become unavailable, we will notify you via the email address that you provided when you submitted the record. Upon receipt of this email, you should respond either with a request that we delete the URL from the record, or respond with a new, reachable URL, with which we can update the record.

Please ensure that the site or page to which your record's URL refers is appropriate to the nature and contents of the record that you have submitted, and to the bibliography in general. Should the URL fail in this respect, we will delete it from the record, and we may delete the associated record entirely as well.

Additionally, please be reasonable in regard of the quality of sites to which your URLs refer, bearing in mind that, in terms of search-engine optimisation (SEO), the overall quality of the sites to which database-records point reflects upon the quality of the database and this site. This reflects from there-on the relevant page-ranks for all parties.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload documents directly to this site when submitting a record. This is due to security restrictions that the various browsers impose, and which lie outside our control.

Given this, and should you wish to submit a document in tandem with a record, you should attach the relevant file to your confirmation-message response. Assuming the record fulfills our acceptance criteria, the file that you provide will also become available publicly at the same time as the record, subject also to the various quality-control criteria that we apply.

We accept files in any format, such as MS Word documents, Adobe PDFs, and plain text. However, do note that, for various technical reasons, the file you submit will not carry its original name upon becoming available in the public database. Instead, we will re-name it with a unique number, prefixed with 'OEBV' (Osmanlı Edebiyatı Bibliyografyası Veritabanı), which allows users to identify this site as the source of the file.

Note that we accept only a single file for a given record in the bibliography. We also reject files that contain viruses, worms and other malware, and submission of such files may cause us to delete the records with which they are associated. Please see the section in the Searches page for more information on malware.


Record titles in the database are unique. Given this, and when submitting a record, you may find that your entry's title conflicts with that of an existing entry. There is no simple way in which the database may resolve such conflicts automatically, therefore it takes no other action in such cases, other than to inform you of the problem.

In view of this, and prior to making a submission, we advise you strongly to search for an existing record that possesses the title that you intend to use. If you discover such a record, you should consider using a different title for your submission (if possible), and then search for that, and so on.

Where it is impossible to alter the title of your submission, you should append a digit within square brackets to the end of your record's title. If one other record alone shares that title, the digit should be 1, and where multiple records share the title, you should append your entry's title with the next-highest number available (placing it within square brackets).

For example, if your entry has the title of 'The Life and Works of Sheikh Galib'in' (Şeyh Galib'in Hayatı ve Eserleri), and three other records share that title, a search in the database will return those records as:

"The Life and Works of Sheikh Galib'in"

"The Life and Works of Sheikh Galib'in [1]"

"The Life and Works of Sheikh Galib'in [2]"

In this case, you should submit your entry as:

"The Life and Works of Sheikh Galib'in [3]"

Note that, in the event of any uncertainty or confusion on your part, we will be happy to guide you appropriately. Given this, and if you encounter difficulties, please contact the administrator via the Contact page, supplying details of the submission you intend to make.

Note also that, on very rare occasion indeed, you may enter a record that appears to conflict with another of the same title, but which you cannot find when you search for it. In this instance, the other record exists within the database, but is awaiting administrator-approval and is therefore unavailable publicly at the time you perform the search. If you suspect this to be the case, please contact the administrator for advice, citing the title of the entry that you are attempting to submit.


For obvious reasons, a visitor to this site is unable to update a given record's contents directly, even if that visitor submitted the record originally. Given this, and should you wish us to revise a submission of yours, you should contact the administrator via the Contact page, requesting that the entry be updated.

In your request, you must supply the precise title of the record, the names of the fields that you wish to be updated (as they appear on the record-submission form), and the new values that those fields should carry. You must supply also the email address that you provided when you made your original submission, along with the record key that you received in the confirmation-request. Failure to provide either or both of these will cause the administrator to disregard your request. Should you wish us to respond to you on an address other than the one that you cited for the original submission then you must provide that address too.

Note that, should an issue arise in connection with a given record, we will always use the email address carried by the record to contact the individual who posted the entry originally. Given this, and should you wish us to change the address carried by a record that you submitted, you should stipulate the new address in a message to us, with a request that we use that address thereon.

In the case of an update to a record's associated document, you should contact the administrator in the manner described above, explaining that you wish to upload a revised version of the file. We will contact you subsequently, asking you to reply with a message that carries the relevant file.

Assuming that the updated values and/or the revised document fall within our quality-control criteria, the record and/or document will become available publicly. As with record submission, please allow three weeks for the update-process to run to completion. Note that you should not expect notification from us of successful or unsuccessful update-requests.


As with updates, and for equally obvious reasons, a site-visitor cannot delete a given record directly, even if that visitor submitted the record originally. If you desire deletion of a submission of yours, or deletion of the document that is associated with that record, you should contact the administrator accordingly, and in the same manner as described for update-requests. When corresponding, please explain your reason(s) for requesting the deletion, but do note that we are not obliged to update or delete any given record or document.